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Crisp Leaf Road - Decor Pattern

Crisp Leaf Road - Decor Pattern


Crisp Leaf Road - Decor Pattern

17" X 36" Quilt

Printed Pattern - $10.75

Fabric Kit for Front and Binding - $37.00

Runner or Display.


Comliments "Spring Avenue", "Liberty Lane" & "Frosty Way"


SKU: TCR2303
  • “Crisp Leaf Road” Corrections

    “Crisp Leaf Road” Corrections 

    On all “Crisp Leaf Road” patterns purchased before July 2023.

    On Page 5 Tree section just above tree diagram should read sew on the lines not draw.

    On page 6 acorn section, the two separate diagrams for acorn top and bottom construction had been reversed.

    Current pattern is corrected.

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